The champagne

This region sparkles like a promise of celebration, and a promise for a successful weekend or vacation. Our cycling and walking tours in Champagne will introduce you to its vineyards, its houses and its cellars, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. With its heritage and historical monuments such as the Cathedral of Reims, you will be amazed. We advise you to go in Epernay, at the Avenue de Champagne and its underground cellars. If you like nature, you can go to the Lac du Der, one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe.


The most famous dish from this region is the Champagne stew, cooked with cabbage, ham, bacon, carrots, beans and potatoes. With its wooded surfaces, there are also many mushrooms and in particular the gray Champagne truffle. The cheeses produced are essentially made from cow’s milk such as brie or chaource. For the sweet touch, we advise you to taste the pink biscuits from Reims. For the wines, it will obviously be Champagne, this sparkling wine which made the reputation of the region. Often associated with an aperitif, dessert or to celebrate an event, it will be associated here with main dishes.

The weather in Champagne

This has a double climatic, oceanic and continental influence. The average temperature over the year is 11 °, but don’t worry, it is hotter between May and the end of September with averages around 20 °. An ideal temperature for hiking and cycling. Rainfall in the region is high in winter, spring and fall and less in summer. The ideal month to visit Champagne is August when the heat is less important than in other regions. But also where the risk of rain is low.