Vacation in Bordeaux

Considered the largest and oldest in the world, the Bordeaux vineyard is the reflection of a know-how that has spanned the centuries since Antiquity. A vineyard to discover during your wine-tasting stay in Bordeaux. The vines have been worked there for more than 2000 years: a tradition initiated by the notables of the city at the beginning of the 1st century, favored by a temperate oceanic climate conducive to the cultivation of vines and sunshine ensuring good grape maturity. In recent years, marketing power as well as the ability to produce large volumes have allowed Bordeaux wines to flourish around the world. But the fact remains that a visit to the Bordeaux châteaux, with their architectural and cultural heritage, testifies to a glorious history. What’s more, the accessibility of Bordeaux is no longer a problem with the TGV connection from Paris.

Bordeaux wines

Internationally renowned, Bordeaux is the largest appellation vineyard in France and one of the most prestigious thanks to its famous classified growths. This contrasting vineyard with varied soils is organized around three river axes: the Garonne, the Dordogne and their common estuary, the Gironde. It offers all styles of wine, made from a blend of several grape varieties. For the red, dominate the merlot, the cabernet franc and the cabernet-sauvignon; in white, semillon and sauvignon. In addition to the regional appellations, we can distinguish the left bank of the Garonne (Médoc and Graves) and the right bank (Libournais, Blayais-Bourgeais and Entre-deux-Mers), to which must be added the vineyards of sweet wines around Ciron, a tributary of the Garonne.


Cold meats and fish are the basis of many dishes. Indeed, due to its geographical location, Bordeaux benefits from a variety of dishes that can satisfy all tastes. Even vegetarians and vegans will be able to find some dishes that could still suit them in the dessert section. For information there are specialties that you certainly do not know! Eysines potato, Macau artichoke, blayais asparagus, porcini mushrooms, vegetable oysters, you should also try!

Here is a selection of the 5 Bordeaux culinary specialties:

  • Canelé
  • Lamprey a la Bordelaise
  • Bazas beef
  • The oysters of Arcachon
  • The Médoc granary

Weather in Bordeaux

The climate of Bordeaux, capital of the New Aquitaine region, is sub-oceanic with some Mediterranean influences. Winters are quite mild and rainy, and the summers quite hot and sunny. The city of Bordeaux is located 50 km from the Atlantic Ocean. And it is crossed by the Garonne before it merges with the Dordogne and widens into the estuary called Gironde. Bordeaux can be reached all year round by disturbances in the Atlantic. But due to its southern position, it is also affected by the Azores high pressure, which brings sunny periods, especially in summer. Finally, the average temperature in January is 6.5 ° C, that of July is 21.5 ° C.