Here is our place, so I might as well tell you that we know this region well and are the most competent to organize your stays in Burgundy. Between Paris and Lyon, it’s hard to get easier. The vineyards, the Canal du Center, the Canal de Bourgogne, the lakes and forests offer cyclists and walkers a range of rich and varied landscapes. Its capital Dijon, where the future city of Gastronomy is currently being built, is full of treasures. But other towns are just as interesting to visit, such as Beaune, Capital of Burgundy wines. But also Chablis, Autun, Chalon sur Saône and Cluny, famous for its abbey. The Burgundy region also offers emblematic specialties which make it a destination of excellence. Hiking or Cycling tours in Burgundy will be for sure a very nice trip.

Gastronomy and Burgundy wines

Burgundy has recently become a land of cycling. But it has long been a region of gastronomy. Numerous world-famous specialties delight the taste buds of the whole world. Mustard, Boeuf Bourguignon, gingerbread, Epoisse, Bresse Chicken and snails are all specialties that if you haven’t already tasted them, have surely heard of them. What could be better than tasting them in their region of origin? On the subject of tasting, what perhaps best represents Burgundy, are its wines. They are known around the world, they are often considered the best in the world. And they monopolize the podiums of the most expensive wines. From the famous Romanée Comti to the lesser known Saint Romain, every sip will delight lovers.

Cycling routes in Burgundy

Here the 1st green cycling route in France was born between Givry and Cluny, built on an old railway line. Other routes followed such as the Vineyard which was voted the best bike path in the world by the New York Times. But that’s not the end of the day, with canals offering fantastic fairways or the iconic Burgundy Grands Crus route. You will be able to circulate by bicycle on secure and often marked routes. You will be able to cycle on more than 1,700 kilometers of cycle routes. Major cycle routes also cross our region, such as Euro bicycle 6 between which links the Atlantic to the Black Sea. But also the great tour of Burgundy by bike which will allow you to discover the diversity of our region. The Moselle-Saône Blue Route also crosses Burgundy along the rivers.

Unmissable places

We cannot list all the beautiful and historically rich places in Burgundy. Our suggestions are personal and may not exactly address your points of interest. However if we are to name a few, it would be the following. In Dijon, the city center and in particular its little owl carved in stone, seems to us an essential place. Going down to the south, the vineyards of the Côte de Nuits are among the most prestigious in the world. We will advise you to stop at the Château du Clos de Vougeot, the former wine estate of the monks of the Abbey of Cîteaux. Beaune and its departures, but above all its hospices famous throughout the world, in particular thanks to its gold varnished roof. The remains of the Abbey of Cluny is also a must-see, as are the Gallo-Roman remains of the town of Autun. Many other places are worth the detour, but for that one should not hesitate to return several times in Burgundy.

Little secret, it is very nice to participate in the Saint Vincent Tournante, a great festival that goes from village to village in honor of the Patron Saint of winegrowers. The decorations are sublime and the moment very convivial.

The weather in Burgundy

Burgundy enjoys a cold and dry climate in winter. In spring and autumn, the climate is sometimes humid, especially with fog in the morning, and summer is often very pleasant with temperatures around 28 ° during the day and fairly dry weather. We advise you to come and visit Burgundy between April and the end of October, with a little crush for September and the harvest period and October for the colors of the vineyards which are adorned with gold, hence the name of its department ” the gold Coast “.

So don’t delay to book your vacation and choose from our many tours and stroll around for a stay or a weekend.