You will find in this FAQ the most frequently asked questions and our answers. For any question requiring a more specific answer or a topic not covered, please contact us.

Why choose ACTIVE TOURS ?

Our team, relying on its long experience and its knowledge of the French regions, selects for you quality itineraries and charming accommodations. We listen to you while offering a personalized service, keeping a good quality-price ratio whether you are on an accompanied tour or in autonomy. We define ourselves as local actors at your service in order to guarantee you a very particular attention to each detail.

Covid 19: What are our special cancellation or rescheduling terms?

In this context of health crisis and with all the uncertainties related to travel, we have adapted our cancellation and postponement conditions.

If it is not possible to make the trip due to regulatory constraints, such as

  • confinement or limitation of inter-regional travel
  • border closures or bans on non-essential travel,
  • closure of hotels,
  • the trip will be cancelled or rescheduled without charge.

In case of cancellation, the total amount of the trip will be refunded except for a 3€ bank fee.
If you decide to postpone, the deposit will be kept and its amount will be deducted from the invoice of the new stay you have chosen. You can request a refund at any time.

How can I book a tour?

There are two possible ways:
1. Fill in the form on the website In return we will send you a travel sales contract and payment information.
2. By phone at +33 (0)3 80 26 17 12 (Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.)

How far in advance should I book my vacation?

The earlier you book, the better. You’ll have a better chance of having your tour available.

Am I fit enough for a bike ride?

Our tours are not races or marathons. They are individual or small group tours made up of like-minded people looking to do something special with their vacation! You can go at the pace you want.
Whether you are an occasional cyclist or an experienced hiker, whether you are a family, a couple or a single person, there is a tour for you.

From now on, all our tours are available with the option of an electric bike, which will guarantee you comfort and less effort to cover longer distances.

What is the meaning of a "self guided tour"?

Independent, self-guided tour means
– the tours can generally start any day of the week (check in the description of each tour).
– accommodation is reserved for the duration of the tour, breakfast is always included.
Check the tour description for lunches and dinners.
– Each time you change hotels: your luggage will be transferred by us.
– The package for each tour includes: the tour description, maps, road books and daily maps of the stages and a tourist documentation.
– You will be provided with an emergency number, in case of unexpected problems.
– This also means that there are no obligations in terms of time
– except for the transfer of luggage: you must have your luggage ready in the hotel lobby at the latest by 10 am on the day of your departure from the hotel – otherwise, you can leave the hotel whenever you want.
– There is no guide with you and no other guests.
Some tours have a Meet and Greet on the day of your arrival, which means that someone will meet you at the first hotel and introduce you to your tour and answer various questions.

What does a bike tour look like?

Most bike tours are on small country roads with very little traffic. Or they can be greenways dedicated only to non-motorized vehicles. For hiking, the itineraries go through the GR and the small paths for hiking.

What is included in the price?

Check the product description. Most of the time, the price for a tour includes: overnight stays, breakfasts, tourist taxes, detailed itinerary, maps, tourist information, luggage transfers and telephone assistance for any problems. Half board is often offered as an option. Evening meals do not include drinks.

How many people will be with me at the same time on a bike tour?

If you book an individual tour, “en liberté”, you will be alone on this tour. Unless there is another person who would have chosen to go on the same dates (which is quite rare). In any case, you will be free to go at the pace you want during your bike or walking tour.

If I am vegetarian or allergic to certain food products, what happens to my meals?

If you are vegetarian, or allergic to certain products, we can of course adapt your meals to your needs. Just let us know when you make your reservation.

What does the Road Book look like for a cycling or hiking tour?

It is a detailed booklet with maps and directions. These booklets have been carefully prepared for your comfort. Many customers have already tested these routes, and there is almost never any problem with understanding the directions. However, to fully enjoy a free ride, you must be able to read a map and follow the road signs. This is usually very easy, but if you are not comfortable or do not like reading a map, this type of trip may not be for you. To really enjoy a free ride, you need to be a little flexible and have a sense of humor. So if you miss a turn and have to turn around, or even ask a passerby for directions, it’s okay. The most memorable trips are the ones with a little bit of impromptu adventure.

Is wearing a helmet mandatory?

Helmets are not mandatory in France for adults, but are recommended. However, it is mandatory for children under 12 years old, even if they are in a trailer attached to the bike.

What do the rented bikes look like?

They are VTC with 24 speeds, equipped with 2 panniers, helmet, map holder, a repair kit, an inner tube, a pump and an anti-theft device. To avoid technical problems, we have chosen to invest in quality equipment, replaced regularly, and with rigorous maintenance at the end of each rental.

What if it rains and I'm on my bike?

If you find that the weather is not to your liking before going on a bike ride, you can contact our local support or ask your hotel to book a cab. This transfer is at your expense. Please note that transferring bikes by cab can be very difficult, and can be a bit more expensive!

Can you modify a trick for me?

Our offers can be used as a basis for any particular request: whether it is to add services (extra nights, catering, massages, cab or train transfers…) or to lengthen/shorten the original tours. Private tastings can be organized if you wish to enter the world of wine and its secrets.

When is the final payment due?

The balance of your payment is due 90 days before departure.

Can you provide us with electric bikes?

Yes, we also have a fleet of electric bikes that are renewed every year. The bikes are equipped with bosh motors and 400wh batteries with enough autonomy for all our tours. We will provide you with a charger on each trip so you can recharge your batteries every night.

Can you transfer our luggage between accommodations?

Yes, luggage transfer is a service that we generally include for all cycling and walking tours longer than 3 days. It is still possible as an option for short stays (check the tour description as it may be included).  For the short trips, we include with your bikes the rental of 2 panniers of at least 15L each to transfer your personal belongings.

At what time is my luggage transferred?

Your luggage should be ready and left at the reception of your accommodation before 10am. Usually the transfer is done right away, but sometimes depending on the number of transfers it may be a little later. However, we assure you that your luggage will be available at the reception of your next accommodation before 4pm.

How do I pay for my stay?

You can pay your reservation either :

  • By bank transfer, indicating in the subject line your name and the reference of your trip.
  • By check or vacation vouchers by sending us a letter to Active Tours, Allée du Docteur Bouley, 21200 Beaune.
  • By credit card via a secure online payment link that we will send you.

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