Travel after Corona: How we’re adapting our tours.

It’s the question that’s been occupying us all: What will life be like after Corona?

Or in other words, how do we manage to find a new normal when travel restrictions are eased? Usually at this time of year we at Active Tours have our hands full with the start of the biking season in April and May. But this year everything is different.

However, that doesn’t mean that we’ve been doing nothing. Instead of welcoming guests in Beaune, Reims, Bordeaux … , we’ve been working to prepare for the time when we can all travel again. What will this future look like?

We can only try to imagine how it will be here at ACTIVE TOURS.

Safety first

The safety of our guests always comes first and we do not compromise on this issue. We are currently equipping our office and bike rental in Beaune with all the necessary equipment to meet all “COVID19 safety standards”.
We believe that the guests must gradually regain confidence. As even in ‘normal’ conditions, it is quite challenging to travel abroad for cycling tour where you’re not so familiar with the customs and traditions. In the current crisis, it’s even more difficult to trust others with your safety. That’s why it’s our job to provide that all expected security.

Voie des VIgnes cyclistes
cycling in the vineyards

Staying positive

Since the lockdown and the all the confinement restrictions in France, our renovation and construction work of our new office in Beaune has been seriously delayed. Workers simply stopped showing up claiming the right to protect their health (legitimate or not). On our side we had already done all we could do ourselves. The only thing still left to do was installing the new stairs, laying the parquet, fitting kitchinette, moving the furniture and … of course “housewarming” party– we’d planned a wonderful party that we had to cancel!
But we’ll still do it with a small group or a few small groups on different dates. Waiting just for the right moment.

Although everything turned out so differently than planned, we remain optimistic. Fortunately, all the people around us are all healthy. But unfortunately, we haven’t been able to offer a contract to a large number of our seasonal staff, who would usually be working on our guided tours. As long as we have no income, we can’t employ anyone. But we have hopes for the future. It will be different, but not necessarily worse. Maybe something good will even come out of all of this in the end. It’s never a bad thing to be forced to challenge yourself, change and re-invent yourself.

Walk_vineyard_Vougeot_Photo Alain Doire

Acclimating to the new normal

We believe that Active Tours doesn’t have to change its guided and self-guided trips completely. It will take some time getting used to welcome our guests with disinfectant spray for hands and applying the social distancing.
But still we believe that everyone can have a great time.

We are all eager to feel the relief of freedom, after being closed inside for such a long time. We urgently need to breathe the fresh air, pedal and sing, see all the landscapes that open up to us in this beautiful spring sunshine. Maybe we will have to change the way we travel, but the spirit of the tours will stay the same.
Together we’ll make it a special experience, and the safety precautions will give extra peace of mind.


A breath of fresh air

Are you currently in doubt about whether you should go on a trip when the travel restrictions are lifted?

Your wellbeing is most important.
If you feel you can’t travel far then postpone your trip and just take a relaxing local holiday or, if it makes you feel better, even stay at home. But when you’re feeling good and confident again, don’t hesitate to come on one of our trips. We take your safety very seriously. We will do everything we can to make sure you can cycle with us with peace of mind.

No, don’t doubt! Let’s go outside! Come on, take that bike! We will have been inside long enough!